Our most basic room is the Northern Lights Room, located on the main floor in the House This small bedroom has a large walk-in closet. Its best feature is its large window overlooking Howell Canyon and the hills and mountains beyond, to the north. This is the only room at the Estate with a commanding view of the northern lights, which are frequently visible at our dark night location, the remote Estate. There is a bathroom just outside the bedroom door with an acrylic shower, vanity, and bidet. During the day and evening this bathroom will be used by guests from the adjacent dining room. The Northern Lights Room is equipped with a desk, a queen-size bed, and an additional blow-up bed can be used inside the walk-in closet allowing up to four people to stay in this room. Cost is $99 nightly for the room including one person’s meals, and an additional $50 each for each additional adult, $30 for each child under age ten.

The Sunset Room is also on the main floor of the House and features a tidy sleeping area with a desk, a queen-size bed, two closets, a small window with a few of the hills to the west, and a wonderful, private, full bath with a Japanese-style soaking tub and bidet. To make this room into a complete suite, you can add the adjacent, large sitting room that has a commanding view of the mountains to the south and to the west, a queen-sized sofa bed, a desk, a leather recliner, and a private outdoor entrance to the yard. The Sunset Room is $120 for the room alone with included meals for one person, and an additional $80 for the sitting room, for a total of $200 for one with meals. As is true throughout the Estate, it is an additional $50 for each additional adults, or $30 for each child under age 10, up to a maximum occupancy of 4.

Just at the top of the stairs at the House, is the brightly lit Sunrise Room. Its large windows face east and south. This room has a queen-size bed with room for another blow-up queen-size bed, a walk-in closet, and a private half-bath with bidet. The shower room is just outside the bedroom door. This room is $99 including meals for one, and an additional charge of $50 for each additional adult or $30 for any children under age 10.

Just down the hall from the Sunrise Room is the Lookout Room, with a queen-size bed, a desk, and room for an additional blow-up bed either in the bedroom or up the ladder to the 8-foot by 8-foot lookout tower! The tower room is exclusively yours during your stay, and features four windows with a 360° view of Howell Canyon Estate and the surrounding mountains. It is spectacular! The Lookout Room shares a ½ bath with the Master’s Suite and shares the Shower Room with the rest of the floor. This unique room costs $99 nightly for one adult including his/her meals, and each additional adult is $50 and each child under age 10 costs $30.

The Master’s Suite is the bedroom made for the owners of the Estate, Dr. and Mrs. Howell. This lavish room has a large, private patio outside the sliding French doors, a desk, a 1080i 50-inch, HD television with Blue-ray and Bose surround sound system, commanding views to the west and especially the mountainous south, a queen-size bed with topper, two all-leather Nirvana swinging recliners, and room for an additional blow-up queen-size bed. The Master’s Suite costs $150 nightly including meals for one adult, with an additional charge of $50 for each additional adult and a $30 charge for each child under age 10. This room is not available when Dr. and Mrs. Howell are at the Estate.

The Old Clinic was once the clinic of Dr. Dean Howell, owner of the Estate. It was made to be ADA handicap accessible as a clinic, but currently the shower in the ¾ bath is not wheel-chair accessible. Both Old Clinic bathrooms have bidets. The Old Clinic can be rented out by a larger group. You can read about the individual rooms below. There is an additional, windowless, open area where two blow-up beds can be placed, so we can add a total of four blow-up queen-size beds to the Old Clinic, to allow up to 12 people to stay in this area. The charge for the Old Clinic is $99 for one person with meals, and an additional $50 for each adult and $30 for each child under age 10.

The Healing Room is still reserved for Dr. Howell to use during his NCR treatment stays at the Estate to be used as his treatment room. The Healing Room is a small room with special, healing energies, windows that are facing north to the courtyard and west to the front gardens, a desk, and a queen-size bed. It does not have room for a blow-up bed. It shares the two bathrooms of the Old Clinic with the Chatunza Room. The Healing Room costs $99 for one adult with meals and an additional $50 for one adult or $30 for one child under age 10.

The large Chatunza Room has a window facing west to the front gardens, and a very large window facing south with a special view of Chatunza Mountain. This room has a queen-size bed, room for two more blow-up beds, a private sink, a handicap-accessible door, and shares a ½ bath and a handicapped-accessible ¾ bath with the Healing Room. The Chatunza Room is $99 for one adult with meals, and each additional adult is $50, and each child under age 10 is $30.

The Cook’s Apartment was once the apartment of the Estate’s live-in cook. The apartment has a high, open-beam ceiling, with a desk, a table and chairs, a queen-size bed, a full bathroom with a shower-tub, a small loft with space for a single blow-up bed, and a full kitchen with a full-size refrigerator-freezer, a large, restaurant-style sink, and a full-size range with range hood. There is room for a queen-size blowup in the main room, so a total of 5 can stay here, four in the room and one in the loft. The cost for the Cook’s Apartment is $200 nightly, and includes no meals. If meals are desired, then the charge of $50 per adult and $30 per child under age 10 will apply.

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